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Shopplab Trading

Make savings, shorten processes and optimize your time.




Cargo Inspection

Costs Analyse

We buy abroad what you need

In chemistry, pharmaceutical, scientific, packaging source, equipment, and others.
We guide your company throughout the import process.
Or if you prefer, we buy everything and ship it to you.

We are experts in purchasing:

Equipment for scientific use

Chromatography Products


Pharmaceutical Analysis Standards

Others (by consult)

Straight Conection USA – BRAZIL

SHOPPLAB for more than 30 years, in Brazil, offers Broker and Trading Services in Miami / FL, (USA).

Make trading from different manufacturers in just one place, reduce your financial and operating costs for your imports.

We carry out imports and deliver them to you anywhere in Brazil or Mercosur, without billing limit, a single supplier, a single invoice, all simple and uncomplicated

Trade Center

SHOPPLAB TRADING offers business opportunities around the world.

We seek the best suppliers, and the best advantages for our customers. We do everything so that customers are safe in doing their international business.

Emergency Purchases

At some point every company needs something on an emergency basis. This is where SHOPPLAB Trading shows its partnership.

We buy the goods where you need it, hire shipping express for emergency delivery at our Miami Office, follow the delivery so that we can dispatch it as quickly as possible to the recipient and in the best possible way.

import on account and order

We buy the products from the suppliers you refer us. We will buy and receive your products in our warehouse, check everything, store and wait for your boarding authorization. Learn more.

Import by Order

Don’t want to have an troubles? Leave it to us, we import and deliver it to you in Brazil. Learn more.